RVMC is uniquely dedicated to establishing regional vaccine manufacturing and supply chain networks to improve vaccine equity and health security for all.

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The Context

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted stark disparities in vaccine access, sparking efforts to rethink how and where vaccines are made.

Countries rightfully want to have greater health security and control over vaccine manufacturing within their borders. However, consolidating this approach at the regional level is more likely to achieve the necessary scale of demand, investment, and capability to maintain viable and sustainable vaccine production.

Regionalization of manufacturing represents a shift in the current global vaccine system: a shift that is already underway. With equity and health security at the core of their thinking, regions are now taking greater control over the production and supply of vaccines to meet their needs.

RVMC is focused on accelerating this transformation, supporting initiatives to ensure that regionalized vaccine manufacturing is economically sustainable and contributes to a growing global demand for vaccines.

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7 million

The number of deaths resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic as of June 2024


How much higher the COVID-19 vaccination rate was in high income countries than lower income countries

5 years

The time taken for the economic benefits of regional vaccine manufacturing programs to exceed costs

RVMC founding partners

What is RVMC

In 2022, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the US National Academies of Medicine (NAM), and the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) joined forces to launch RVMC, with the backing of a diverse coalition of partners. After a successful incubation period at the World Economic Forum, the RVMC Secretariat is now hosted by CEPI.

Our vision is a world where vaccine equity and health security are created for countries in all regions of the world.

We aim to achieve this vision through the establishment of regional vaccine manufacturing and supply chain networks capable of producing vaccines for routine use in a sustainable manner, with readiness for outbreak manufacturing.

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We build consensus around regionalized manufacturing, setting out the global vision and helping others to define and implement their regional approach.


We facilitate discussions within and between regions and stakeholders, promoting coordination between initiatives to achieve common objectives and priorities.


We provide independent, trusted advice to stakeholders while expanding the current fact base for global and regional capacity, capabilities, and coverage.


We observe and report on progress across the eight pillars of the RVMC Framework, identifying gaps and opportunities.

Manufacturing in progress

Who do we work with?

Regional Bodies

We support regional bodies with the political mandate to enhance vaccine manufacturing capabilities, aligning with their strategic goals.


National Governments

We advise national governments on their vaccine manufacturing plans, promoting coordination with like-minded countries and regional strategies.



We collaborate with industry partners to develop a comprehensive understanding of the landscape, identifying opportunities that align with regional strategies.


We provide guidance to funders on viable projects that align with regional vaccine manufacturing strategies.


International Organizations/Agencies

We work with international organizations to build consensus on the global vision for regionalized manufacturing and identify opportunities for collaborative partnerships.

The RVMC framework

Our Framework

In January 2024, we launched the RVMC Framework Report, which sets out in detail what needs to be addressed if regional vaccine manufacturing is to become a reality. Following consultation with dozens of subject matter experts and policymakers around the world, our report lists eight areas where focus and development is needed.

More about our framework